Handcrafted in Ohio

Located in Southwest Ohio, just North of Cincinnati, Ohio is our workshop where a special group of highly skilled craftsmen superbly handcraft exquisite furniture, kitchen cabinetry, and bathroom vanities..

Timeless Designs

Our creations are based on 18th and 19th century North American furniture styles. From casual styling to formal presentation pieces, our furniture offers harmony for you and your family, your guests, and your home.

Antiqued, Weathered, and Worn

Our furniture is finished to highlight the natural beauty of wood. Whether stained, or painted, our furniture is meticulously created and finished to replicate worn and weathered antique furniture. Truly American furniture at its best.

Antique Finishes

Our finishes are equal to our craftsmanship. They are truly spectacular. Rather than bore you with overused finishing statements such as "hand-rubbed", "multi-step" and the like, we encourage you to see and touch our furniture first hand. For a natural look, our cherry and tiger maple is majestic. Even our natural pine begs the question - "Is this really pine?".

Our painted finishes, crackled and aged are quite a sight to see. But a mere look will never do. Our beautifully crafted aged paint is an art form in itself.

At Vintage American Furniture, we design and create American Country furniture and cabinetry for period homes.

Our specialty is custom made furniture and cabinetry based on Early American furniture styles including Federal, Shaker, Country Primitive, Mission, and Victorian.

Our 18th & 19th century period furniture is made to be both, striking to look at and functional, offering a dramatic effect on any room within your home.

The quality of our workmanship is second to none. It is meticulous, accurate, and long-lasting, suitable for passing from one generation to the next. Family treasures indeed.

handcrafted furniture

Wood ShavingsThe smell of freshly milled listen...Can you hear it? The sound of hand tools whisking away paper thin shavings from cherry, tiger maple, and pine boards. Now, reflect back upon a time when craftsmanship was the norm and mass-production did not yet exist. Today, hundreds of years later, a craftsman's mark still exists; honest hard-work, attention to detail, and quality.

Recreating furniture found long ago, we continue to use 18th century techniques, e.g., dovetail on all four drawer corners, "true" mortise & tenon joinery, solid wood ship-lapped cabinet backs, "real" beadboard, solid-wood chamfered drawer bottoms, and square pegged joints to name but a few.

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Made In The USA

All of our Furniture is handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio which is south of Dayton and Columbus and north of Louisville, Kentucky.